This is a RP blog for a few OC's and Canon Characters. I am a Multifandom blog. For canon characters I am crossover friendly. Any fandom can interact in any way.
M!A=Open Swift, Amaterasu, and GLaDOS. M!A=Closed for Subaki. She is a Mew from pokemon until someone breaks the curse...>w<.

Amaterasu sensed something familar, but didn’t know what.

The pale woman leaned back in the bench and sighed before looking around.

She spotted a albino girl and tilted her head. There was something different about her, apart from her pale self…

Amaterasu sensed something from her, faint, but noticeable.

Now, how am I going to say hello to her without making everything awkward…’Hello, I sense something from you.’ Just isn’t going to cut it…



According to the Law of Conservation of Mass, matter can neither be created nor destroyed. This means that all atoms are recycled over time. Which in turn means that our own atoms are ancient as well. One’s skin could have carbon in it from a meteorite or from a trilobite thousands of years old, and your blood could contain hydrogen from earth’s original atmosphere.